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How often do multiple personnel touch the same door lever handles, push plate, push button, switches etc. enroute from carparks - office – workstation – canteen?

It is possible to remove the necessity to touch any such surfaces by implementing a notouch route throughout your building.

We can provide solutions!


Hygienic Safety

Eliminate the need to touch handles!

The door handle is a hotspot for the transmission of viruses and bacteria, by automating your doors you are eliminating the need for your customers and staff to touch a door handle.

Upgrade from manual to automatic doors and wipe out infection via the door handle

The simplest and most effective option to ensure hygienic safety

Any existing swing door can be automated quickly and easily

Doormotion offer a range of touchless, hygienic door automation types

Most automatic door systems are equipped with motion detectors that ensure doors open promptly as people approach them. But some situations may require different door activation solutions. Doormotion offers a wide range of sensors and switches, all of which have one important aspect in common: they ensure hygienic safety for your customers, for your employees and for you.

Presence/Motion Sensor
Automatically detects people as they approach and causes the door to open promptly without requiring any deliberate gesture. Best suited for high traffic doors.

No-Touch/Wave Switch
Door opens in response to a hand gesture or by passing through the close-range detection field. The range is adjustable to avoid unintentional activation of the door. Ideal for low traffic doors.

Elbow Rocker Switch
Door opens at the touch of the conveniently dimensioned switch with the elbow. Ideal for situations in which the door should open only when deliberately prompted.

Foot Rocker Switch
Door opens at the touch of the conveniently dimensioned switch with the foot. Ideal for situations in which people are carrying goods and the door should open only when deliberately prompted.


Antimicrobial CopperShield Push Pads

Antimicrobial automatic door activation switch is designed to kill 99.9% of disease causing bacteria, including MRSA and E. coli.

It is ideal for use in Cleanrooms, Pharmaceutical Companies, Restaurants or anywhere that hygiene and convenient access is required.

Available in Hardwired and Wireless versions.


Swing Doors:

Complete automation using touchless sensor or radar activation of existing manually operated swing doors in compliance with EN16005. Automation can be incorporated with existing mag-lock system or access control if necessary. Suitable for escape and also disabled access routes.

Rapid Roll Doors:

Removal of existing push buttons and installing touchless sensor or radar activation on rapid roll doors.



Product name: EM PSW250 swing door operator

Product characteristics: Automatic, slim, electromechanical swing door operator. The operator works electro-mechanically. It opens with motor and closes with motor and spring. The opening and closing speeds can be varied individually. The motor and gear box are combined into a compact unit mounted alongside the control unit within the cover. The operator is connected to the door leaf with a range of different arm systems. The 70 mm slim EM PSW250 swing door operator requires a minimum of space while providing maximum performance. Furthermore, the door system operates very silent despite its capability to handle heavy doors up to 250 kg. The EM PSW250 swing door operator is fire approved, making it ideal for creating and maintaining security, smoke and fire zones. Automatic swing door operators are generally made of metal and plastic. The EM PSW250 swing door operator has been designed to meet all operational and safety requirements in the European Directives and the standards issued by the European Standardization Committee (CEN).

Application: The EM PSW250 swing door operator is suitable for both external and internal swing doors and can be retrofitted with existing doors. The EM PSW250 swing door operator facilitates entry and exit in buildings, and this widely-used operator can be found on applications ranging from hospital corridors to high-traffic retail operations. The operator is truly reliable during all weather conditions as it is not affected by stack pressure and wind load when opening and/or closing. For added convenience, the EM PSW250 swing door operator can easily be manually opened, despite extended closing torque, due to sensor detection ensuring lowest manual opening force.