Allergan is a multi-specialty pharmaceutical company that works with the discovery, development and distribution of healthcare products. The nature of their industry means they need the most reliable, secure and safe doors, systems and solutions in place to keep their business running smoothly day and night.

Doormotion personnel have been an important partner in the smooth operations at Allergan over the past 25 years in Ireland. In 2014, we were selected by the main contractor, John Sisk & Sons, with Taylor Architects, to provide a large-scale product and service project to the Biologic 2 plant in Westport. Our engineers and technicians installed 22 no. Rapid Roll Doors, 8 no. fire roller shutter doors, 4 no. complete Loading Bay Systems, including dock levellers, insulated sectional doors, inflatable dock seals, Combilok vehicle restraints and traffic lights. Doormotion also provided a number of Rapid Roll Doors for the warehouse and clean room applications throughout the facility, and we continue to deliver a full support service to the company.