Why DoorMotion?


  • Doormotion offers a consistent, dependable, immediate and friendly 24-hour call-out service.
  • We continue to initiate a number of site visits, ensuring a continuous and approachable relationship with our clients.
  • Doormotion has decades of experience with industrial doors and loading bays, meaning our skilled engineers always know the best and most long-lasting solution to any problem that may arise.
  • Because we are not tied to one supplier, we are always able to offer the best tailored solutions based on our customer’s unique needs.


  • Doormotion works with a range of European and global manufacturers, meaning we always stay at the forefront of industry innovation and breakthroughs.
  • We continue to research and test new products and services with different suppliers.
  • Doormotion attends trade shows and exhibitions worldwide to ensure that we are in a position to offer the latest technology available.
  • Our team of industry-leading engineers and technicians are always encouraged to discuss new ideas within the company, and with broader suppliers worldwide.
  • Through innovative ideas, new products and international industry discussions and relationships, Doormotion is always a step ahead, meaning we are able to bring new innovative products and services to the Irish market.


  • Doormotion is contactable 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, so if a problem arises, there will always be someone on the ground ready to assist.
  • If an issue arises and you log a service call, one of our highly skilled technicians will talk you through any necessary steps until our mobile response team arrives.
  • We have a dedicated full-time fleet of service engineers on the road with fully equipped mobile workshop vehicles, ready to tackle any issues that may arise on site.
  • Doormotion provides around-the-clock breakdown cover, with access to all essential spare parts.

Why DoorMotion?