Doormotion is delighted to offer high quality Haagh products to our customers. With over 40 years manufacturing experience and a reputation for practical and innovative solutions, Haagh have some excellent loading bay and barrier options.

Key products available are the VARIOGATE® 180 and VARIOGATE® 90 barriers, for where space to manoeuvre is limited or when working with for example travelling cranes, Haagh Protection’s barrier concept offers a great solution. The barrier is also a safe solution for opening doors on a raised floor.

A special transmission between both barriers directly controls the construction: when one barrier is opened, the other is automatically closed at the same time.

Key differences between both products are how goods are loaded, with VARIOGATE® 180, the goods are transported to the rear. With VARIOGATE® 90, the goods are transported to the left or right-hand side in relation to the slip-on opening.

Contact us to find out more about these safe, practical and cost effective solutions, or 093 60940